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Once in the Flock


If you are a macaw, you are placed in an aviary with others like you. Amazons, African Greys, and other small and medium birds are kept together in another part of the foundation.
Every morning your floor and cage are cleaned, fresh fruits and veggies placed in a bowl, parrot pellets are refilled in your bowl and fresh water is placed in a newly sanitized bowl.
Plenty of toys are hung for chewing and sometimes your favorite tv channel is on for you to watch.
Field trips are taken with some of your parrot pals to Old Towne Alexandria waterfront and to private parties where you pose for pictures and get to interact with lot's of admiring people.
You get lots of praise, kisses, and extra delicious treats from Bird Brian.
Sometimes a volunteer will take you home for a weekend and lavish you with attention and teaching basic ettiquette skills and give you positive reinforcement.
You would never believe how loved you are here at WPF and if you are never placed in a new forever home because you have severe emotional issues, the foundation will always take care of you. But have no worries because of Bird Brian's talent and with nuturing help from volunteers, you will learn to trust people again, and chances are you will make it to your forever home.
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