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Here is what people are saying about the Wilson Parrot Foundation:
Gayle Randol writes:
When the weather turns cold here in Virginia and Maryland, you need to be able to transport yourself and your parrots to warmer places in the South and with this new RV, you will be able to travel comfortably and safely ... more
Sara Thompson writes:
We can not imagine our life now without the mot precious gifts that anyone has given us ... more
Ken Sutton writes:
there is nothing better in this world than a foundation that was created due to the love these birds have for humans as well as the love Brian has for all of his birds ... more
Jessica Angeli writes:
I have personally witnessed a bird brought in and the owner stating that no one can touch the bird and with in minutes Brian is hold and kissing the bird ... more
Pat Moore writes:
Some of the parrots Brian has taken in were biters and now they are affectionate pets ... more
Julia Mack writes:
I coordinated the mixed abilities group "Serving Together" a program of the Jewish Youth Philanthropy organization that came out and volunteered ... more
Heidi Davies writes:
His birds are treated with care and love and I believe that is why they are the happiest and healthiest birds I have ever seen ... more
Pat Ellison writes:
In less than 10 minutes, he had talked her out of the adventure pack and had her sitting on his arm ... more
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